So we're braving the shave and we're growing a mo for a bro, here at TAOV HQ. Obviously this is all in good fun and Christ, some of us look downright horrendous with a 'mo, but it's all for a good cause. We've created a fundraiser for this, which you'll find linked down below.

Movember aims to change the face of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

Here's the candidates for Movember so far...

 Luke Reader Esq.

Luke is our in house graphic designer, responsible for all of our branding, label design, box design, and everything in between. Luke is a quiet guy, can eat like a horse. We're absolutely not joking here. I once witnessed Luke eat a supersize English breakfast to himself, then eat everyone else's leftovers. He loves cheesy 90's pop music and in his spare time he enjoys painting and decorating his new house. Doesn't he look ridiculous? 


Daniel Bartram Esq.

Dan is our in house Creative Strategist and Online Retail Manager.

Dan is the real brains behind our brands, and creates concepts for new ideas moving forward. Dan's first big project was for the innovative and ludicrously creative Dough Bros: House of Pancakes. Inspired by his love of all things American, he brought the Pancake House idea to the eliquid world. Dan's music taste ranges from dirty death metal to the latest in hip hop and grime. We're not quite sure how we feel about this.


Liam Russell Esq.

Liam is the newest (and oldest) member of the TAOV family, having worked for us years ago, as our Laboratory supervisor. Liam left to further his career with our friends in another business, but felt as a local lad, his loyalties lay in the Black Country. Liam is our International Sales Director and boasts the ability to speak 1 language (trust me, in wolverhampton, that's a saught after skill).

When Liam isn't at work, he's relaxing at home with his wife Lucy, and caring for his dog Sully.

Dale Cross Esq.

Bringing up the rear is our Sales Director. Dale is responsible for ensuring all of our internal sales staff are inspired and firing on all cylinders, whilst managing an extensive bank of existing wholesale and distribution customers worldwide. Whilst Dale exudes a miserable persona, we can assure you that he is in truth, a miserable tw*t. In Dale's spare time, he's absolutely destroying 10 year old kids at FIFA, tinkering with his motorbike and caring for his extensive range of pets.



As we mentioned, this is all for a good cause - we're seeking donations on our official TAOV Movember page, which you can find here - please give generously as this is for an incredible cause and one we're all very passionate about.

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