IVG Smart 5500 Disposable Vape

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 Award winning British brand IVG introduces IVG Smart 5500. The ready to use, UK’s first prefilled, pre charged, auto refill with up to 5500 Puffs device. A smart...

 Award winning British brand IVG introduces IVG Smart 5500. The ready to use, UK’s first prefilled, pre charged, auto refill with up to 5500 Puffs device. A smart revolution in the vaping world! The device comes with 2ml Mesh Coil pre-filled tank with the additional 10ml dedicated refill container which can be easily attached to the device for auto refill with just “ONE CLICK”.

  • Approx. up to 5500 delicious puffs
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Includes 10ml of IVG's exquisite 20mg (2%) nic salt e-liquid
  • 2ml pod capacity with additional 10ml automatic refilling tank
  • Fast charging Type-C Port
IVG Smart 5500 Refillable Rechargeable Disposable Kit - Make the Smart Choice

IVG Smart comes with a MASSIVE 1000 MAH battery to give you enough power to go through the whole day without having to recharge your device, and if that's not enough it is available in 30 flavours.

POLAR MINT: A crisp mint infusion leaves you with an exhilarating inhale, accompanied by a cooling sensation on the exhale.

FROZEN CHERRY: The lusciously sweet essence of plump cherries is wrapped in a cooling breath of ice for a refreshing yet juicy flavour.

STRAWBERRY KIWI: This delightful vaping treat will leave your tastebuds with an intensely sweet note of fresh strawberries and a citrusy twist of kiwi.

TRIPLE MELON: A trio of succulent melons is guaranteed to deliver a burst of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon in juicy perfection.

PINEAPPLE ICE: Sweet, juicy chunks of pineapple, paired with icy sensations, transport your tastebuds on a tropical treat.

BLUE RASPBERRY ICE: A beautiful blend of blue raspberry sweetness complemented by a chilling aftertaste to cool down the senses.

WATERMELON STRAWBERRY: An enticing taste that lures you in with sweet notes of ripe strawberries and succulent chunks of watermelon to soothe your exhale. 

TROPICAL FRUITS: An alluring medley of exotic and juicy fruits that's sure to parade through tastebuds in its juicy perfection.

BLUE RAZZ PINEAPPLE: Featuring the amazing sweetness of blue raspberry flavour infused with an exotic tang of pineapples. 

PINEAPPLE PASSION FRUIT: A tropical delight with layers of luscious passion fruit accompanied by sweetly tart pineapple for a refreshingly juicy taste.

BLUE RAZZ CHERRY: The sweet blue raspberry pleasure on the inhale is perfected by a sour cherry bite to excite your exhale. 

PRO BLUE: A delectable mix pairing sweet, sharp notes of raspberry and fresh blueberries, finished with an icy kick. 

COLA ICE: Showcases the timeless taste of your favourite fizzy cola drink finished with an icy aftertaste.

BLUE RAZZ LEMONADE: A citrusy splash of freshly squeezed lemonade adds a refreshing twist to blue raspberry sweetness.

LEMON AND LIME: This infusion packs a zing of tangy lemons and zesty lime to surprise your tastebuds with every puff.

BLUEBERRY KIWI: A harmonious pairing of ripe, juicy blueberries with a zesty twist of fresh kiwi for a duet you can't get enough of.

FIZZY CHERRY: Balances an intensely sweet tone of juicy cherries with a sparkling fizzy aftertaste.

STRAWBERRY ICE: Deliciously fruity essence of ripe strawberries mixed with an icy gust of menthol.

RED APPLE ICE: A fruity succulent inhale led by crisp and tart notes of red apples with an icy exhale for a juicy yet soothing flavour.

LEMON PASSION FRUIT: An incredible duet that's both lusciously sweet with passion fruits and enticing with the zing of lemons.

KIWI PASSION FRUIT GUAVA: This is a classic medley of exotic fruits, mixing the citrus of kiwis, the sweetness of passion fruit, and the vibrant flavour of fresh guava.

BLUE SOUR RASPBERRY: An irresistible blend of sourness and blue raspberry sweetness makes for an exciting vaping adventure.

FROZEN WATERMELON: Brings a refreshing coolness blended with juicy watermelon goodness chilled with an icy aftertaste.

GRAPE: A well-balanced infusion of ripe juicy grapes oozing in its sweet and sour grandeur.

CLASSIC MENTHOL: IVG's trademark infusion of icy-cool menthol for a smooth and refreshing vaping session.

BLUE RAZZ BLACKCURRANT: A bold and unique blend bursting with tangy blue raspberry sweetness and tart blackcurrant infusion.

STRAWBERRY RASPBERRY CHERRY: A berrylicious journey through a myriad of flavours, such as sweet strawberries, tangy raspberries and sensual cherry undertones.

BLUEBERRY: The perfect infusion for vapers who enjoy the sweet and succulent notes of freshly picked blueberries.

PINK LEMONADE: A charming flavour beautifully blending sweet strawberries with a sparkling lemonade aftertaste.

FROZEN LEMON: Brings back summery vibes with its refreshingly zesty notes of lemons finished in an icy-cool aftertaste.

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