AS we all know, the whole industry is talking about our international friends and the 'news' that claims that vaping is making people ill, potentially killing people. Let's not get bogged down on what killed who and what's causing these unfortunate souls to come down with a mysterious vaping related illness... What we should be focusing on is that Public Health England still stand by their guns when it comes to how healthy vaping is.

Rather than focusing on the negatives, and choosing to fight what is essentially 'fake news' we should alter our perception, and move our sights to re-educating our customers into what our public health system suggest, and with that frame of mind, we will all come out swinging.

That being said, it is very obvious as a supplier that you guys are feeling a crunch, and we're here to help you 100% in surviving this economical turmoil that's arisen as a result of the news that's cropping up overseas.

Now put your tinfoil hats away, whether there's a controlled middle finger up from big tobacco to attempt to bring down vaping, or whether it's unrelated - this is all speculation. Even replying to this on a public platform, is still spreading the fake news. We as an industry and as a collection of passionate enthusiasts, need to come together and well, basically ignore the news. Don't comment! Don't share! if we all listen to this, we'll be ok.

On a light hearted note (it got real just now didn't it?) - a few members of staff are now back from their holidays around the world. Whilst we hate them for going away and enjoying their time off (nobody likes covering for a colleague), we're happy to see their faces again. Even if some of them resemble a broken sofa.

Back to the business at hand, we're working hard behind the scenes to bring you the latest and hottest hardware, the most hyped eliquid brands and creating some of our own along the way!

Thanks for reading this weekly update - going forward this will be a feature that's not going anywhere any time soon! If you have any comments about the above, feel free to drop it below. Let's have a conversation!

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