We're proud to say that after a long wait (we applaud your patience), KSTRD Salts are real close to being released! Trust us when we say this is most definitely the finest custard flavoured nic salt you've ever tried. Especially the Just Jam flavour! Keep them eyes peeled becuase it's going to hit sooner than you expect!

On another note, we're really pushing our OEM/White label support to all you lovely people. Did you want a custom brand in your store that only you can sell? Of course you do! Hit us up on 01902 723 692 or click this link to read up on our OEM/White label facility! In there you'll find a form which you can fill in. We aim to get back to all messages within 24 hours (working week applies).

We're also in the last stages of getting our No Frills 10mls ready, these will be available in 10mg and 20mg salt nicotine! The price point on these is going to be insane so again, keep them eyes peeled!
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