With the impending doom we all seem to be heading towards, the industry seems to be in absolute meltdown. We've lost track of customers panic buying to ensure they still have stock during the outbreak.

Whilst yes there is no stock coming from China at the moment, details on when they will be operating again seems to be a vicious case of chinese whispers (pun not intended) - the truthful answer is... nobody knows.

From the conversations we've been having with our fellow distributors, we as a country and a nationwide industry, we are all prepared for this and nobody is running massively low on anything as of yet.

This can obviously change, as nobody's stock will last forever, however business remains as usual in the UK and there is certainly no need to panic... yet.

We remain steadfast in our opinion that this will all become right in the not too distant future and there's no need to head to the Winchester to wait for this all to blow over.

We will of course keep you updated with any information we know, so watch this space! 

On a personal level, we sympathise deeply with our friends overseas. We all wish from the bottom of our hearts that this is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. Stay strong guys!

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