How often should I change my coil?

How often should I change my coil? It’s a question everyone asks when they buy their first vape. Whether you're a new vape wholesaler or just interested in our thoughts by the end of this blog post you will find out how to immediately find out whether your coil needs to be changed. 

If you’re an experienced vapour you will know the consequences of not changing your coil and how it’s not a pleasant experience. 

Our recommendations

We highly recommend that you change your coil as often as you vape. For instance If you’re constantly vaping (all day, every day)  it’s important to change it at least once a week. If it’s not as often, you could get away with changing it in just under a month.

It’s always handy to have spare coils on hand as you never know when you’ll need to change it.

Here's why you need to change your coils:

  1. Over time It will most definitely burn the coil and burn the remaining e-liquid which will cause a harsh inhale and may cause irritation to your throat. 
  2. Eventually the cotton will degrade and cause the e-liquid to leak
  3. Best method to keep the taste of the e-liquid fresh. For example: if you were to have a menthol e-liquid and switch to cake flavoured, It will still have a hint of the menthol flavours.
  4. You will need to change the coil if you require a change of wattage - for more power and larger clouds lower/higher wattage is required
  5. And lastly over time it will taste absolutely rubbish

For more information about coils please call our sales representatives here.   

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