Lolly Vape Co POPS - 100ml Bundle Deal
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Lolly Vape Co POPS - 100ml Bundle Deal

Want to stock the hottest range of the summer? Allow us at TAOV Distro to give you a helping hand with this exciting bundle!
Bundle Deal Includes:
  • 5 bottles of each flavour (20 bottles in total)
  • 1 Full retail bottle extra Of each for free for sample use only
  • All Lolly Vape Co POS 
  • 40 x 18mg Nic Shots To Make 3mg 
Strawberries and Cream make the dream team! Taste smooth strawberry on the inhale and comforting cream on the exhale. Simply said this flavour is a must!
A positively chewy rhubarb and custard lolly pop plus an extra special secret ingredient make for the smoothest vape on the planet. Not to be missed!
A masterful mix of three fantastic fruits make for the jolliest juice you've ever tried. Get Jolly today!
What more could you ask for than a beautiful blend of complimenting fruity flavours? This supreme slice of summer ripeness is more than just a name, this is a movement.

0mg Short fill, Nic shot compatible filled 100ml to make room for two 18mg shots to make 3mg
RRP £19.99 Each
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